Strategic Priorities 2022-2025

The Board of Trustees has a clear vision for Together Learning Partnership and this is based around Working together, putting children first. This ambition for all pupils to achieve their best is supported by the following objectives:

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Trust schools will achieve outcomes which are excellent, by ensuring each pupil is supported to achieve their best.

  • Each pupil is carefully monitored, challenging individual targets are set and the child is supported to achieve these specific targets.
  • Trust schools, which have been in the group for more than 18 months, will be seen to be successful; judged good or outstanding by Ofsted and facing a growing demand for places from parents.

Trust pupils will experience exemplary teaching from inspirational teachers.

  • Trust schools will be a preferred employer chosen by above average teachers, offering both job satisfaction from the successful development of children and the quality of professional teaching development.
  • The CEO, head teachers, all the teaching staff and support staff feel, and are, held accountable for the outcomes achieved by the children.

Trust schools will provide an exciting and engaging curriculum, with inspirational learning opportunities.

  • Each school provides a curriculum which combines a focus on the key skills of reading writing and mathematics with broader learning experiences which encourage pupils to excel in other areas of the curriculum.
  • Across the trust, teachers plan and deliver innovative and engaging opportunities to improve the learning experience of our children.

Trust schools will support our pupils to become global citizens and valuable members of our community and society.

  • Each school will create a happy, secure and sustainable environment where children can explore, investigate, listen and discuss in order to become independent, mature and well-motivated learners.
  • Children’s rights, as defined by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, will be central to the work of the Trust schools.

Trust schools will be recognised for their engagement and contribution to the wider community.

  • Each school will have an active and committed Local Governing Body, which supports the school in maintaining a positive image in the local community.
  • Each school will actively promote effective ideas for engaging pupils in activities which benefit both the children and the community.

The Trust will be a financially sustainable and growing family of schools, that work effectively together.

  • The trust aims to ensure future sustainability by efficient and effective financial management which ensures the best possible value for money.
  • The trust aims to achieve measured growth to gain benefits from scale while still maintaining effective communication, management and close working arrangements.

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