The Trust was founded in 2013 by three Members who were all long-standing governors at Cleves Cross Primary School. These Members were subscribers to the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the latter being the legal document which outlines the governance structure and how the Trust will operate. Having established the Trust, Members then established the Board of Trustees to undertake the strategic management of Together Learning Partnership. The Trust can have up to five Members but not less than three.

The Members of Together Learning Partnership are currently: Graham French, Liz Parker-Berry, Anthony Chapman, Christine Hall and Leigh Lockey. Click our member profiles to veiw more information.

Graham French

Chair of Board of Governors

Anthony Chapman

Member of Together Learning Partnership

Christine Hall

Member of Together Learning Partnership

Liz Parker-Berry

Member of Together Learning Partnership

Leigh Lockey

Member of Together Learning Partnership

The Chair of the Board of Trustees is also a Member by virtue of the office – for 2022/23 this is John Muir.

The Members appoint most of the Trustees to the Board to ensure that the Trust’s charitable objects are carried out and so are able to remove Trustees if they fail to fulfil this responsibility. The Members also oversee the achievement of the Trust’s objects, acting as the ‘conscience’ and ‘moral guardian’ of the Trust’s purpose and values. Members also oversee the performance of the Board. The Trust is required to hold an Annual General Meeting at which the Board submits an annual report on the performance of the Trust to the Members. This enables Members to hold the Board of Trustees to account for the educational and financial performance of the Trust over the preceding financial year.

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