Trustees are appointed for the particular skills and knowledge that they bring to the role and that are important in running the Trust. Trustees may exercise all the powers of the Trust. Trustees are both charity trustees and company directors of the Trust. They ensure compliance with the Trust’s charitable objects and with company and charity law, and with the Trust’s Funding Agreement. Trustees are appointed under the rules identified within the Trust’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and membership of the Board of Trustees is in accordance with the details contained within it. Trustees are appointed for a four-year term of office.

The Articles of Association identify that there shall be at least three Trustees but the number is not subject to any maximum.

The composition of the Board of Trustee’s is currently made up of the following Trustees:

I. Up to 3 Trustees appointed by Members:

John Muir

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Sarah Clasper

Board Appointed

Paul Farrow

Board Appointed

II. Co-opted Trustees appointed by Trustees:

David Walker

Board Appointed Trustee

Kevin Wilson

Board Appointed Trustee

III. CEO – ex officio (appointed by virtue of the role):

Alison Lazenby


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