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Welcome from the Chair of Trustees

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On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Together Learning Partnership I would like to welcome you to our Trust website. We are a Multi-Academy Trust of two primary schools based in south-west Durham. We work hard in our Trust to foster and develop collaborative working relationships with staff, parents/carers and governors within all our schools, but at the same time allowing each school to maintain its individual identity. Our aim is to develop a strong and stable group of schools, where educational excellence is our target for all pupils.

The last 3 years have been a difficult time for everyone connected with our Trust given the impact that the Covid pandemic has had on the work of our schools. I do believe, however, that our schools responded extremely well to the unprecedented challenges they faced through the commitment, effort and adaptability of staff, pupils and parents/carers alike. In addition, our pupils, benefited from being part of a close-knit, well-run family of schools. This allowed us to be able to take a collective response to the pandemic, drawing on our group wide assets and reserves to react swiftly to each school’s needs. As the impact of the pandemic begins to lessen, we have a clear Trust-wide strategy in place that is focused on ensuring that our pupils’ learning suffers no long-term damage from the impact of the pandemic.

The Trustees have a vision for the Trust that is about ensuring that we provide the very best education for all the children in our care. As well as having an annual plan in place for the Trust, we also have a longer –term strategic plan that includes the expansion of our Trust. We feel that the systems and processes we have in place would allow us to support additional schools that were interested in joining our Trust. You will find further details of what we feel we can offer to prospective schools on our website.

Thank you for your interest in our Trust and I hope that you find the information provided about our Trust to be helpful and informative.

John Muir
Chair of Trustees

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